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A leader in organisational transformation.

Through social-based programmes and interventions, THCE is a leader in organisational transformation, allowing organisations to meet the legislative, social, and market-related challenges of transformation.

Our company is made up of dedicated professionals who collaborate with one another to provide the best solutions for their clients and to help improve the nation.

Transformation is a journey where we all change our mindsets, attitudes and behaviours in order to build new relationships and to create business excellence.

– Prof Jackie Naudé

Methodology & approach

Our programmes are rooted in transformative learning methodology, which states that individuals can only adjust their thinking through:

Critical reflection of past experiences

Reflecting on what they were taught as children and how this impacts their worldview and their understanding of the present

Receiving new information and hearing new perspectives

Engaging in new experiences

As South Africans, we all grew up in an abnormal society where we were taught to focus on that which separates us rather than which unites us.

This has affected all of us in what we believe and think about ourselves and others, as well as how we feel about and interact with people who are different from us.

In the work context, the perceptions or beliefs that we have about people who are different from us influence us daily – especially on a subconscious level through our unconscious bias and therefore D&I is, at its core, a personal journey of self understanding.