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Prof. Jackie Naude

Founder & Managing Director


Prof Jackie Naude is the Managing Director of The Human Capital Engine; an organisation she co-founded in 2001 to help companies address the challenges of transformation in a meaningful and impactful manner. The extensive experience in the field of people optimisation began in 1984 when she was part of a select group of global ambassadors elected to study in Israel under the mentorship of Prof Rueven Feuerstein – a revolutionary in the field of cognitive modification. This inspired her, at the age of 34, to start the Centre for Community Development of Vista University – a national organisation that she ran from its inception in 1986 until its closure in 2004. During her tenure at CCD she organised and ran projects throughout South Africa’s townships and rural areas; giving her a unique insight into not only our country’s transformation challenges; but also our people’s fractured psyched and ultimate resilience.

In 1988 Prof Naude was approached by US based organisations, functioning in SA, to provide diversity training in accordance with the Sullivan Codes. She has thus – for the last three decades – been engaging with organisations on issues of diversity; inclusion and transformation – providing her with a depth of understanding that very few can match. She has then also delivered numerous papers both locally and internationally on organisational and community optimisation, with specific emphasis on maximising people power.

In a country where very few small businesses survive; the delivery of Prof Naude’s unique approach to transformation – focused on the individual and the human psyche – has ensured that THCE has been a key player in the D&I space for over 20 years. Through THCE she has consulted not only to numerous corporate organisations such as MMH (Momentum and Metropolitan), FNB, Thebe Investment Corporation, Vodacom, the South African Reserve Bank, Alexander Forbes and Nestlé to name but a few; she has also acted as consultant to numerous government departments dealing with their transformational agendas. In 2011 she was invited to be a Member of the Presidential Task Team on An appropriate National Youth Service concept for the South African socio-economic context and all matter deemed material to its realization.

Prof Naude has authored numerous books, including Raising your child in the new South Africa; The parent as educator; and Finding the rainbow : A personal journey in the New South Africa. She has then also received numerous recognition Awards including the J&B Rare Achievers Award in the field of Education and Social Services and the Education Africa Presidential and Premier Education Award for contribution towards Africa’s Renaissance.

For Prof Naude, has dedicated her career towards enabling organisations to meet the legislative, social and market related challenges of transformation through social based programmes and interventions; not because legislation demands it; but because she has a deep-seated love for and faith in her country and, in her own words, wants to leave her grandchildren a better country than the one she inherited.


Ms. Nici Turnbull - Director



Nici Turnbull has worked within the field of organisational transformation; diversity and inclusion for the last 21 years as a project developer; programme facilitator and consultant. Over the last 16 years she has utilized her degree in political sciences to critically interrogate government policy on transformation and has assisted numerous organisations in meeting their transformation requirements.

She specializes in the achievement of compliance requirements and the alignment of EE and BBBEE imperatives with broader transformational and HR agendas within the organisation and has authored various research documents including “Strategic research report on the Department of Defence National Youth Service” and “SANPARKS Integrated Transformation Situational Analysis report” . Nici then also, at times, presents talks related to issues on D&I, compliance and broader transformation; including inter alia a presentation entitled “The challenges of transformation in South Africa today” presented to the National Tertiary Education Union.

Together with a Political Science degree, Ms Turnbull holds a BA(Hons) (cum laude); a Higher National Diploma with specialisation in South African Political History (cum laude); and a Diploma in Advanced Labour Law (cum laude).


Ms. Freda Daniels



Freda is a Senior lecturer and Continuing Education Specialist at the University of the Western Cape. She holds an M. Phil in Education and has published several papers on continuing professional development and its impact in the workplace.

She is a qualified trainer in multiculturalism and conflict management, and has been involved in developing and delivering transformation programs for 25 years. She specializes in Educational Transformation, but also facilitates processes related to interpersonal dynamics, diversity, and inclusion in corporate entities.

As a long-standing member of the University and a director of THCE, she has developed a deep insight into transformation in the South African context.


Ms. Thabang Thwala



Thabang Thwala, who has been working at THCE since 2016, is an experienced transformation professional.

She has served as the executive project manager on various large-scale transformation projects and has a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges that come with workplace transformation initiatives.



  • Prof Jackie Naude (PhD)
  • Prof Cecil Bodibe (PhD)       
  • Ms Phyllis Ndlovu (MA)
  • Mr Arnold Shkaidy (MA)
  • Ms Freda Daniels (MPhil)
  • Ms Steffi Stockton (MA)
  • Mr Malan Laubscher (MSc)


  • Mr Mike Stopforth (MBA)
  • Ms Mantu Dlamini (BTech HRM)
  • Ms Tantaswa Fubu (CA)
  • Mr Tebogo Mothibinyane
  • Mr Devan Moonsamy
  • Ms Nici Turnbull (BA Hons)



Dr Melani Prinsloo (PhD)
Danie Kok
Dr. Art Wouters
Stephen Ferreira-Teixeira


Devin Lai Thom
Jacqueline Andrianatos
Teboho Sematlane
Thabang Thwala


Our experience of 35 years engaging with South Africans on issues of transformation in a changing national landscape.

Our unique approach which is based on sound research methodology and has been tested extensively.

Ensuring that potential feelings of being marginalised or victimised are addressed directly and that everyone feels included and valued in the process.

The fact that all THCE facilitators are qualified psychologists who can competently and effectively deal with the disorienting dilemma that arises when people realise that long-held beliefs may not be true.

A team of organisational experts who assist in the development of organisational structures and programmes to translate personal learning into successful workplace transformation.

Our people

We have a team of diverse facilitators, based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, who have an understanding of transformation on a national scale – from Musina to Bontebok to Kathu.


Our approach

Vewing transformation as a journey where we all change our mindsets, attitudes and behaviours in order to build new relationships, improve our business, and create an inclusive country for everyone