We at THCE believe that 20 years after democracy marks a clear milestone from which to reflect on how far we have come as a country and to consider the challenges we still face as a nation.  Vuyani Jarana (Deputy Chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Museum) has challenged South Africans to use this 20th Anniversary year to celebrate the legacy of Madiba and to consider how we can help to build the South Africa of Mandela’s dreams.

Within this context THCE has focused 2014 on nation building and facilitating greater understanding between South Africans, as we believe that Madiba would want us to strive for a country of unity, understanding and tolerance. To this end we are driving a unique process between 16 June 2014 (Youth Day) and 24 September 2014 (Heritage day).

For this period only we are offering our clients the opportunity to engage your employees in a ½ day session focused on the “Psyche of South Africa and the impact on our Nation today” at a reduced rate, which includes a copy of Finding the Rainbow for each delegate.

We believe that this creates an opportunity for clients to

1.                   Reach employees who perhaps have not participated in previous processes

2.                   Create a better understanding amongst employees about who they are as individuals and as South Africans and how they can                             contribute to Mandela’s legacy

3.                   Create awareness amongst employees around Youth Day and Heritage day

4.                   Do discrimination awareness with employees as per DOL requirements

The ½ day session will be focused on facilitating an understanding of our national psyche and how we all contribute to building the South African nation. Specific conversation points will include:

                    Understanding how our national psyche developed

                    Understanding how our national psyche impacts on us as individuals

                    Understanding our own personal role in how we inform the national conversation and psyche going forward

                    Understanding the role of Business South Africa in building the South Africa of Mandela’s dreams

                    Understanding the responsibility that comes with being a South African

As the focus during this time is on nation building, we are also offering corporate South Africa the opportunity to sponsor a public school or schools of their choice at a set daily rate. For this the THCE staff will conduct a full 1-day session with the educators in the school focused on the importance of the role of educators in building a new generation of South Africans. As we are all aware that the youth are the future of this country and that teachers play a critical role in shaping our youths, we believe that interventions of this nature (with the support from corporate South Africa) can really assist in nation building for the future.

If you are interested in utilising this limited offer, please contact the THCE project office through projects@thce.co.za

We are very excited about the possibilities of this process and the number of people we can reach and really hope that you will participate in our contribution to achieving the South Africa of Mandela’s dreams.

Nelson Mandela


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