South Africa’s national agenda is perhaps most clearly defined in the National Development Plan (Vision 2030) which states inter alia that “The country must write a different story in the years ahead. In this new story, every citizen is concerned about the wellbeing of all other citizens, and the development of South Africa means the development of each and every one of us who lives here. We must build on our social solidarity, which, through history and heritage has demonstrated our aspiration to create a caring South African society.” 

Within the context of the above we believe that there is a responsibility placed on all South African organisations to positively contribute to the achievement of the “South Africa of Mandela’s dreams”. We further believe that this is entirely possible when organisations move away from viewing transformation as negative and punitive and rather re-focus their discussions on

  1. how diversity and transformation (including EE and BBBEE) can positively impact on the company’s bottom line and financial success; and
  2. how through the transformational agenda, companies can positively influence nation building in South Africa

We at THCE have, over the last 13 years, developed an effective model on achieving the above and are pleased to host an Open Day on 4 June 2014 at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton Square to share this model and our experiences. For further information on this interactive event please contact Kim Linden at


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