With both Jackie and Thandi having their roots in the South African education system, and with THCE’s focus on positively contributing to nation building, it is not surprising that the majority of our Social Responsibility budget is spent on education. At present THCE is sponsoring the education of 2 scholars (Zukisani Khalipa and Trevor Mawera) , 2 College students (Miranda Toto and Martin Motshehoa), and 1 University student (Temba Sithole).

Understanding that young people thrive in stable homes, we have also, over the last 3 years, enabled two families in the Eastern Cape to build themselves permanent residences.

Because we love not only the people of South Africa but also their four-legged companions we donated over 310 kg of dog food to organisations such as Wetnose.

In addition to the above, THCE has a corporate policy that any requests to be a guest speaker on any function relating to a national holiday in South Africa (such as Women’s Day, Youth Day, or Heritage Day) shall not be billed but clients will be requested to make a donation to one of the numerous charities continuously supported by THCE.

As a result of our firm commitment to and belief in the need for social upliftment in South Africa, THCE annually spends over 20% of our NPAT on Socio-Economic Development – a contribution that is significantly above the 1% as required by the BBBEE Act.

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