A personal journey in the new South Africa by Prof. Jackie Naudé


“In 1990 South Africa was changing and, in light of the political changes, I was asked to facilitate a diversity workshop in a forward-thinking organization. This soon became my passion and for the last 19 years I have been facilitating what has evolved into transformation processes in numerous organizations. As part of our workshops we discuss the history of South Africa and how our past experiences impact on the manner in which we deal with the present. After most workshops I have been asked if this historical input is not available in hard copy and these requests have directly led to the writing of this book. In light of this the reader must please understand that the book reflects historically correct information, but is obviously influenced by my perceptions as developed over the last two decades. Those readers who have been on a workshop have the advantage of understanding the context of this book as it unfolds during the transformation workshops and I hope that you will gain new and additional information. For those who have not been directly exposed to the process, the book has been written as a lone-standing piece of work, which reflects my personal observations and beliefs.

Ultimately, whether you have been part of a greater transformation process or not, I hope that the book gets you thinking about the country in which you reside, your personal transformation journey and your role in creating the “new South Africa” because, ultimately, this is what this book hopes to achieve.”

Finding The Rainbow

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8 Responses to “Finding the Rainbow”

  1. Freedom Ngubonde

    I am the founder and chairperson of the Freedom Ngubonde Foundation. This book “Finding the Rainbow” (A personal journey in the new South Africa) should be put in schools around Mzansi from grade 7 – grade 12. This book will bring unite and peace in our country and Africa. A ll schools (Black, Coloured and White) schools.

    Thank you so much.

    Together we will bring a better life for all and correct the mistakes of the past…

  2. Thank you for the beautiful comment Freedom.

  3. Tema Shongwe

    I am currently in my second year of the International Baccalaureate at Waterford KaMhlaba UWC and I must say this book was of great value when writing my History IA, which is about the history of South Africa. I especially appreciated how much of an easy and enjoyable read it was as historical research can sometime prove not to be 🙂

    Thank you very much

  4. first of all am very privileged to have met the author of the book, reading this book was quit an easy read. I must say the book is very interesting to read and it really changed my way of seeing things.

  5. N. Olivier

    Every South African should read this book! Thank you Jackie

  6. Marike Brink

    Fantastic! A must-read for all South Africans. It has helped me understand the perspective of the people around me so much more. Thank you!


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