“ 21 March is a day which, more than many others, captures the essence of the struggle of the South African people and the soul of our non-racial democracy. It is the day on which we remember and sing praises to those who perished in the name of democracy and human dignity. It is also a day on which we reflect and assess the progress we are making in enshrining basic human rights and values. On 21 March we are called upon to remember where we have been and where we would never want to be again.”

–  Nelson Mandela

THCE is offering special training for employees, in celebration of Human Rights Day, during the month of March 2015. For this period only we are offering our clients the opportunity to engage your employees in a 2 hour session focused on the “The Right and Responsibilities of South Africans in building a Rainbow Nation”.

The sessions will be facilitated by Dr Biki Minyuku, whose experiences as the CEO of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, provides him with unique insight into and passion for the rights of all South Africans.

The sessions will be conducted in groups of up to 25 people per session. Should you however wish to book 3 sessions on a single day, then the costs will be reduced for the day.

If you are interested in utilising this limited offer or for a costing, please contact the THCE project office through projects@thce.co.za or on

(012) 667 3867

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